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I wanted to thank each of you for working with me on building my home. I’ve been in my home now roughly 30 days and it really is a great house in a great location. Every guest from friends to the cable guy all say the same thing, ‘You have a beautiful home.’ Thank you to each of you!
Pete G.
Gulfwind Homes provided an exciting, methodical, thorough, and personal approach to our custom home building experience. We are certainly very excited with our new home and would irrefutably recommend Gulfwind Homes to build your home.
Custom Waterfront Home
We are very happy with our Gulfwinds home. Tony was very helpful during the building process, and the post-closing support has been fantastic!
Justin & Amy
Gulfwind managed our complex remodel and completely transformed our home. The project moved at a solid pace and everyone took great care to clean up each day. Overall, our experience was fantastic, and we really could not be happier with the end result!
Edward R.
I continue to thank you for always responding to my requests so promptly – you’re amazing!
Jolyn S.
All of the professionals we met along the way were so skilled at their jobs and put those skills to good use in creating our home. And everyone is so happy to be working for Gulfwind which says more about this company than any testimonial.
Kathie & Patrick P.
Wonderful experience! I would recommend Gulf Wind Homes to any one of my buyers.
Kristi P.
Thank you very much for building the home of our dreams. We are extremely grateful and especially for Linda. She’s been amazing throughout the entire process.
Rick and Natalie G.
Carolyn McKee, Is an outstanding new homes specialist. Not only does she dress and look professional, but she is at all of the appointments on time. Also, she is able to answer most of your questions and if she doesn’t know the answer she finds out and get back with you.
Anne N.
This villa will be the eighth new build home I’ve purchased over the years. Carolyn has helped to make the entire transaction go so smoothly that it seems all I have to do is sit back and wait to move in.
Linda F.
From the first moment I met Carolyn McKee and saw the models at Brookside, I knew that this was where Stan and I would be moving. The first night after I saw the Alston model, I mentally started to move our things into the home. I lost plenty of sleep moving furniture around in my head!
Enid N.
Carolyn McKee is a contractor/builder herself and can explain things from a perspective that most traditional Realtors wouldn’t have. It is also nice to know that her son-in-law is the owner of Gulfwind Homes. It made me feel very comfortable that we were getting the real “inside scoop” on the development.
Mark V.
It has been a pleasure working with you all and you have exceeded my expectations at every turn. I am so grateful for your graciousness and expertise. I continue to be amazed at the speed and beauty of the improvements on the property. I’m the happiest woman in the world right now!
Felecia E.
This is just to let you know how wonderful my experience has been purchasing a villa at Pine Crest Villas in Seminole Florida. Andrea is just great. She can really visualize what your selections will look like and will make great suggestions that you never thought of. I can not wait to move in!!!! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Marie C.
We knew just what we wanted and Carolyn was great in showing us how we could maximize our “wish list” and soon we will move into our beautiful new home. Carolyn is much more than just a sales person since she has had extensive construction experience and in addition to that is a genuinely nice/honest person to work with.
Charlie and Sandi R.
Our family trusted our Gulfwind built home during Hurricane Irma to stay safe! Additionally, working with T.J. has been a total pleasure. T.J. is a professional who takes care of homeowners before and after the home is complete.
Steven R.
I hope that all of you are safe and sound from Irma this past weekend. I wanted to let you know that the house stood like a fortress against the storm and for that we are very grateful! It is solid as a rock. Thank you for that level of quality.
Donna W.
The team at Pine Crest Villas has been nothing less than exceptional. Don and Chris are always willing to listen, answer questions and help whenever they can.
Darrell B.
It has been such a pleasurable experience since the moment we walked into the model door a little over a week ago. Carolyn has been very attentive to details and prompt with delivering answers to our never-ending questions! We have great excitement to move in this summer.
Jeff & Julie G.
This is the first time purchasing a home on my own. Chris explained everything and I am looking forward to moving into my BEAUTIFUL new home very SOON. Thanks to everyone that made my new home purchase an enjoyable experience.
Margaret G.
We can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience it has been to work with Carolyn, Don, Chris and the rest of the Gulfwind Homes Team on the purchase of our new home. It has felt like we are a part of the Gulfwind Homes family with new relationships that I pray will continue into the future. Kudos Gulfwind Homes!
Margaret & David R.
GULFWIND HOMES … just say the name of this home builder and inevitably you will hear nothing but PRAISE, and HIGH MARKS. My husband and I can say this with knowledge because we built 5 homes from ‘scratch’ and did 2 extensive remodels of existing homes.
Barbara & Bill K.
Often times when working with a builder, it can be chaotic, but everything went smoothly on this transaction which was great. The buyers are thrilled with their new home and stated numerous times at the closing that they were happy that the process was so smooth from builder to mortgage, etc. Thank you!
Ryan F.
We wish to express our gratitude and extreme satisfaction with the purchase of our new home. MIKE, THE OWNER, IS A FIRST-CLASS BUILDER WITH A TOP OF THE LINE PROFESSIONAL CREW OF CONTRACTORS. It was one of the best experiences ever when it came to buying a new home.
Terry and Norma S.
We love our new luxury villa in Clearwater. We bought the model as it was exactly what we were looking for! GULFWIND HOMES builds a quality home using superior products. Thank you for an overall pleasant experience!
Joe and Peggy B.
Our experience working with the Gulfwind Homes team has been absolutely outstanding. This is a top notch team of professionals that met all of our expectations … this company clearly employees quality people who are determined to make the buyers experience a happy one. Thank you Gulfwind Homes for our beautiful new home!
Richard & Marcia
Masterful job by a great team of professionals from the front line superintendent to the office and design staff. Overseeing the process all along the way was a dedicated owner committed to excellence. The finished product is beautiful and was on-time and on-budget. Highly recommend Gulfwind for your next home.
We are very grateful to Gulfwind Homes. Our villa is beautiful and we are very happy there. We hope to enjoy many happy years there. We would highly recommend Gulfwind Homes. They are very understanding and helpful to work with.
Peggy and Joe B.
Great new home. Construction manager TJ has been engaged and responsive for all questions and made the move in and closing easy!
Charlie L.
Our experience with Gulfwind Homes building in Creekview Estates has been excellent! We were building a home in Florida while living in Wisconsin so it was very important that we found a company that had excellent communication and a very smooth process. Thank you to Gulfwind Homes for making our vision a reality!!
Felicia P.
Listen to what a customer said about buying a pre-owned Villas from a Gulfwind Homes Customer: Our home inspection was yesterday morning. The inspector said in his entire career, this is the only home he’s ever inspected that he couldn’t really find anything wrong. We’re very excited and looking forward to moving into our new home.
David C.
Carolyn and Andrea have made the process so easy and fun for us that I wanted to express our gratitude. We look forward to moving into this lovely home and neighborhood.
Cindie and Mark B.
Listen to what a customer said about buying a pre-owned Villas from a Gulfwind Homes Customer: Our home inspection was yesterday morning. The inspector said in his entire career, this is the only home he’s ever inspected that he couldn’t really find anything wrong.
David C.
We did our final walk-through today and the house is simply beautiful.
Linda Z.
Being a single male, it has been especially nice to have a woman’s perspective on decorating and her help with selecting colors and add-ons has been exceptional. Now that we are coming down to closing, everything is coming together very nicely.
Barry W.
During the process of building our new home, Linda Trautman has gone above and beyond her job with exceptional customer service. Her outstanding professional knowledge of building a home was our guiding light thru the entire process at all times meeting our wants, needs and concerns were her main objective.
Grace B.
We have been working with Carolyn McKee on your new Brookside Villas project. She has been able to answer all of our questions and explain the development process perfectly. We now have a deposit on one of the homes and we thank Carolyn for all she has done and look forward to working with her as the construction process continues.
Lou & Deb G.
I want to express my gratitude towards TJ Lawrence for being so helpful throughout our home build, and purchase, as well as after we moved in. He truly has been great.
Chris H.
Linda and Alisa, It has been great working with both of you too. Thank you so much.
You guys have been a pleasure to work with from day one and I never hesitate to mention you guys exclusively as my recommendation for a home builder! Thank you again!
Pete G.
Linda with Gulfwind has been amazing. She has been a true advocate to us and has assisted us above and beyond in every step of the process. We are grateful for her and the service she has provided.
Rick G.
I want to thank you both for such a positive, rewarding experience with our soon-to-be new home.
Kathie P.
I knew as we walked in the door that this was it, the house I was searching for. The home was built very well, the design was amazing, and the agent was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Gulfwind. We had a wonderful experience and are now enjoying our Florida home.
Cindy B.
The entire team over at Gulfwind Homes has been amazing to work with.
James C.
Gulfwind Homes was very accommodating in addressing our wishes and making our house the home we wanted. Everyone we worked with went the extra mile & made themselves available more than we could have hoped for before, during, and even after the completion of our home. Thank you everyone at Gulfwind Homes!
Rodney & Mary Jo B.
From start to finish, your team made the process very enjoyable … We found all your staff very easy to work with and available to answer any questions that we had along the way. We are very happy with our home and look forward to enjoying it. Thank you again.
Emilio R.
While we know they are building multiple homes, they made us feel as if we were their only clients and the house is just as special to them as it is to us. So thankful to be working with y’all on this! We are just so excited and grateful. Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.
Lori & Trey
You all are amazing! We could not be happier in our “Dream Home.” They truly care about their customers, their homes and keeping up the integrity of the community in which they build. We feel grateful to have found our “Dream Home” with Gulfwind Homes and we sincerely Thank you!
Nofal & Kim B.
Don and Chris have been very cooperative with everything I’ve asked of them and it’s been a pleasure dealing with Gulfwind Homes.
Lorraine S.
Working with Wendy Brandt and the Gulfwind Homes staff to purchase my villa surpassed any other past experiences I’ve had with such a major decision. I’m now living in my new home and loving every minute of it.
Barb E.
Your systematic approach and processes are so organized and impressive to me. I have worked with many builders in the past and have never experienced such organization. Please know that the extra work that was done for me was not overlooked or didn’t go without extreme appreciation.
New Gulfwind Homeowner